Who We Are

Executive Director's Message

In a growing, globally competitive world, our children must be prepared to thrive. The changes in our world impact and transform our communities. At Hartford Public Schools we provide multiple school options, each one representing a diverse learning community with a rigorous and innovative curriculum tailored to challenge students while tapping into individual talents, abilities and interests.  As parents, we are the strategic planners of our children’s educational future. The school selection process is an important and exciting time, one of exploration and learning. From neighborhood schools, to magnet and open choice schools, Hartford Public Schools provides more educational opportunities than any other district in the region.  Our hope is that as parents you engage with us and are inspired to learn more about the school options available to your students.  I encourage you to take time to explore and start talking with your child about his or her interests and aspirations. Visit our schools and look around; walk the halls; talk to faculty and staff.  Whatever your child’s dreams or talents, you’ll find a school that feels just right for your family. I know, I did that for my own children right here at Hartford Public Schools.



Are you in the right place?

If applying to the Hartford District Choice lottery you made it! Click here to apply.  If you are looking into other options such as Hartford magnet or open choice please visit